Working for a beer company has its perks.

Beer being one of them.

If you like beer so much, why not make it your job?

No, seriously.

As you can probably tell, we like to have fun around here in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Our pride and joy is spreading joy to all of our customers. We’re a family of beer brewers and pourers, food makers and servers, packagers and shippers, and other job functions. We think we’re a pretty good place to develop your talents and build your career, as well as just have fun with a hard-working family.

So if that’s appealing to you, then feel free to go ahead and apply to any of our positions below.

Career Opportunities


The Bartender is an energetic, customer-centered position that operates in a fast-paced brewpub bar serving beer, wine, and liquor. The Bartender efficiently and consistently divides excellent service among rapid and steady stream of customers. Explains beer on tap and their unique process/properties to customers. The Bartender will fill table orders while maintaining bar and monitoring customer behavior and ensure they are not being over-served as well as handle problem situations strategically in order to maintain a positive customer experience.



The Host is an energetic, customer-centered position that will cross-train between bussing and hosting. The Host will greet customers in person and on the phone as well as manage bookings using computerized and manual systems. In addition to these duties, the Host will seat customers, clear dishes and glasses throughout customer experience and efficiently turn over tables for new customers.


Environmental, Health and Safety Manager

The Safety Manager (ES Manager) is responsible for directing and implementing all Company environment health and safety programs, ensuring compliance with applicable laws, standards and requirements. Will be relied upon to establish a proactive safety environment and culture. This position is both analytical and tactical, requiring administrative skill and people skills.


Kitchen Tech (Dishwasher)

The Kitchen Technician is responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of the kitchen including the cleanliness of the environment, dishware, glassware, etc. The Kitchen “Tech” assumes the autonomous role of keeping cookware and dishware clean and organized to ensure an efficiently run back of house of operation. Other duties include stocking kitchen items, and providing overall operational support as needed. The Kitchen Technician is a fast-paced position that’s essential for the kitchen to operate at the desired level.


Line Cook

The Line Cook is responsible for preparing a variety of food at the Chef’s discretion. The line cook can be seen as somewhat entry-level or simply limited in the scope of responsibility when compared to the kitchen operation as a whole. The line cook may operate one or a select few pieces of kitchen cooking equipment (Flat Top, Grill, Saute, Smoker, Salads, and Pantry), but not have a grasp for all facets, and largely focuses on prepping items to be cooked. This position works somewhat autonomously, although the day-to-day responsibilities will be derived from the Sous Chef or Chef. The Line Cook is a fast-paced position that’s essential for the kitchen to operate at the desired level.


Part-Time Catering Supervisor

The Hospitality Supervisor is responsible for maintaining a customer-friendly environment in the relevant location in which they serve.  The sole individual responsible for operational success while providing oversight.  This may mean filling in for the relevant manager or assistant manager on duty.  This position has a broad perspective of their assigned function and its importance to the Devils Backbone Company brand.  This position will be responsible for maintaining a working knowledge of all day-to-day operations as it relates to their area of responsibility.



The Server I position works as a team to collectively ensure a positive dining experience for all visitors. The Server I, in most cases, is the primary face of the Brewpub and provides the guest with an in-depth perspective of the company. This position provides excellent customer service and focuses on developing an immediate rapport with visitors, and maintains a sound experience until the guest leaves. This position’s scope is not broad in nature, but reliability is critical. This position is vital for the Front of House operation to run smoothly and helps to maintain the pacing for any given shift.



The brewer operates both our 30-barrel and 120-barrel automated brewing systems.  Aspects of this system includes milling, mashing, lautering, boiling, hop additions, whirlpool, and wort cooling. In addition, the brewer is responsible for pre- and post cleaning and sanitation of all transfer lines and vessels. The brewer also is responsible for cellar tasks including, but not limited to, yeast pitching, filtration, beer transfers, tank CIPs, various fermentation additions, maintenance of parts and hoses, and the filling of casks and firkins. The brewer works 12-hour shifts, and work may include 24/7 hours.  The brewer is expected to be punctual, self-motivated, and contribute within a teamwork environment.  Once eligible for growth, this position may evolve into a Senior Brewer status, rewarding proficiency.


Packaging Operator

The Packaging Line Operator (PLO) completes various tasks necessary to the distribution packaging function. This position is entry-level. This position can be a physically demanding position, requiring the individual to be technologically astute, easily adaptable, and flexible. The PLO is responsible for at least one of the following: can-filling machinery, bottle-filling machinery, boxing machinery, keg-filling machinery, and other general packaging tasks and operations. The PLO works as a valuable team member, and the position’s focus is on maintaining consistency and timeliness within the distribution packaging function – all while maintaining the high quality that Devils Backbone is known for. This position routinely requires overtime, and may require 24/7 hours of operation. The PLO will typically work under close supervision.


Brewery Sales Representative (Washington, D.C.)

The Market Representative position is responsible for maintaining an adequate and strategic presence in their respective territory.  This position works with wholesaler equivalents and the Area Manager to ensure maximum saturation of company products in the relevant territory.  Primarily focused on on-premise activations (as opposed to off-premise), this position must also possess the ability to develop sound relationships with accounts, and to discern the most effective ways to support said accounts.  This position troubleshoots with clients to guarantee products are delivered and present when needed.  This position crafts and works towards goals and targets in line with company strategy and under the overall direction of the Sales Director.  This position is mainly responsible for acquiring and maintaining sound and product-focused relationships with on-premise vendors.  This position works largely autonomously, and is one of the more public positions within the company.